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Increase your online store revenue and on-site engagement with personalized real time campaigns


Know your visitor

No more on-site tagging, Goal setting, Custom report defining. shows you just end-result - Store visitor segments and their likelihood to purchase, drop-basket, leave site and more.

  • Where your revenue comes
  • Which segment has highest potential to convert
  • Who are visitors who abandon basket

Observe behavior

Go beyond simple metrics and start analyzing customer behavior to understand context of a visit.

  • How window-shoppers behave
  • How many Researchers convert
  • Where do fast purchasers come from

Engage in real-time

Take action and make impact. With our real-time platform you can target any of customer segments in real-time.

  • Avoid basket leaving
  • Engage with window-shoppers
  • Facilitate Researchers

How it works


Our system collects anonymous information about your site visitors. Depending on size of a site it can take from couple of days to weeks.


By using statistical analysis and machine learning our system finds insights about your store performance.


With real-time targeting engine you have ability to target any online store visitor with personalized message while they are on the site.


Evaluate results and adjust your future campaigns.




40$ / month

Save 20%

Up to 10’000 visitors
Visitor segmentation
Real-time targeting
Standard support
80$ / month

Save 20%

Up to 25’000 visitors
Visitor segmentation
Real-time targeting
Behavioral segmentation
Standard support
160$ / month

Save 20%

Up to 50’000 visitors
Visitor segmentation
Real-time targeting
Behavioral segmentation
No branding
Premium support
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More than 50’000 visitors
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