Insights you looked for. Action you wanted.

Increase your online store revenue and on-site engagement with personalized real time campaigns



Understand exactly which store visitors generate income, which drop basket and where is highest potential for growth.

  • Easy integration
  • Powerful dashboard
  • No additional tagging

Context of a visit

Understand underlying visitor behaviour and potential outcome of a visit.

  • Where Window-shoppers are coming from
  • How many Researchers convert
  • How big baskets 'Fast purchasers' have

Engage in real-time

Take action and make impact. With our real-time platform you can target any of customer segments in real-time.

  • Avoid basket leaving
  • Engage with window-shoppers
  • Facilitate Researchers

How it works


Our system collects anonymous information about your site visitors. Depending on size of a site it can take from couple of days to weeks.


By using statistical analysis and machine learning our system finds insights about your store performance.


With real-time targeting engine you have ability to target any online store visitor with personalized message while they are on the site.


Evaluate results and adjust your future campaigns.